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Meet Our Partners


At the heart of East Harlem lies the Taft Houses, a NYCHA development that Off the Block is committed to transforming into a nurturing ground for community and camaraderie among the 500-600 children (ages 4-14) residing in its 1,520 units.


Off the Block, alongside our dedicated volunteers and supporters, is poised to become a leader in mentorship and guidance for an entire generation within this deserving community. Our efforts are amplified by the steadfast support of influential community leaders who share our vision.


Off the Block is eager to collaborate with your organization to craft bespoke programs that intertwine our initiatives with the families of the Robert A. Taft Houses with your company’s long-term social impact goals.


We seek to understand your organizational needs and brand values deeply, allowing us to forge a partnership that yields mutual benefits and sustained community impact.


In the coming years, our focus is to innovate in character-building and experiential learning opportunities. Our intent is to unlock the vast artistic, cultural, and educational treasures of New York City for the children of underserved communities residing within.


The hallmark of a partnership with Off the Block is the assurance that your support directly uplifts the 500+ children of the Taft Houses. This tight-knit community warmly opens its doors for you to engage with, providing a firsthand look at how your contributions foster real-world change.


We extend an invitation to the corporate, cultural, and educational institutions of our vibrant city to join forces with Off the Block. Let's co-create and execute enriching programs that encompass arts, culture, STEM, nature exploration, wellness, and leadership development—all under the empowering umbrella of our 'See it to Be it' philosophy.

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